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An effective marketing plan is more than just a way to increase sales. A good plan puts you in charge of your business and gives you the confidence to hire new employees, develop new products, expand and make major capital purchases. But without focused, well-executed implementation, a good plan is useless. We can develop and implement a marketing program that delivers new customers and profits. We even guarantee our results.

360 delivers a complete range of marketing services, from proven direct marketing programs to websites and search engine optimization (SEO). We focus on results; tell us your objectives and we pool our resources to combine the latest in marketing, sales and technology to deliver profitable customers, guaranteed.

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For the past few weeks, weíve been concerned that our Facebook Friend request that was accepted by Mila Kunis may not be from the real Mila. Maybe thatís why she hasnít responded to our dinner invitations.

Phony pages are a recurring problem with Facebook, one that not only impacts celebrities but businesses as well. Anyone can set up a Facebook account claiming to be Justin Bieber or Pizza Hut, and then send out thousands of ĎFriendí requests, to get other users to take the bait.

So How Do I Get Verified?



Email marketing has become a strategic staple for many companies Ė itís cheap and it allows you to reach thousands of customers and prospects. However, itís also a tactic that can be easily ignored, and one that some customers might find more annoying than helpful.

Because everyone now receives hundreds of emails that are neither wanted nor expected, the trick for marketers is to make sure the message is appealing enough to be read, and stands out from an inbox full of spam. One technique that has gained significant traction has been personalization.



A few weeks ago, we finished shooting a promotional video for one of our clients. We worked from a script approved by the company’s CEO, and collaborated with him on shot selection, content and editing. But when he saw the finished product, his response was underwhelming. It hadn’t turned out the way he had envisioned.

“All right, let’s move on to the next one,” he said. Instead, we offered to redo the first video to correct the areas he didn’t like. We were not obligated to do so, as we had worked from his vision. But we understand that sometimes an idea that sounds great doesn’t pan out. And we don’t want our clients paying for something that they won’t use.


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