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360 Business Consulting Is Now 360Biz

September 11th 2019 | by David Hofstede

“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”
― Benjamin Franklin

For 15 years we’ve been 360 Business Consulting. But as of this year our company has a new name – 360Biz.

Why the change? Two reasons: first, our selection of marketing and technology services has evolved – and so has the needs of our clients. “Business Consulting” was no longer the best way to introduce who we are and what we do.

For the overwhelming majority of our current clients, everything starts with the website. Over the years we’ve assembled a first-rate team of website designers, content writers, programmers, IT wizards and security experts that have delivered outstanding results for the companies we serve, whether they are small start-ups or global Fortune 500 corporations.

We believe the most successful websites are those that launch with all of the necessary components in place, in a way that complement each other. That happens only when everything is taken into consideration from the outset – design, content, programming, social media, security, hosting, search engine optimization and ADA compliance.

That’s what we deliver – and that’s why we kept the ‘360’ part of our name intact, to represent our full circle of website services and solutions, all available from one unified team.

As 360Biz we are uniquely qualified to deliver a website that generates leads and sales. Our team members strive toward a common objective – the creation of a website comprised of many elements that work together to achieve your business goals. Our current clients are already taking advantage of these services, and our new name will help to clarify those services for new clients.

The second reason for making the change is that we’re no longer just one company. Since launching 360 Business Consulting, we founded 360Civic, which focuses exclusively on website creation and technology solutions for school districts, water districts, and state, city and county government websites. And more recently we launched 360Circuits, a strategic business-to-business (B2B) branding, design, digital creative and strategic media agency with more than 30 years experience in the electronics sector.

These sectors of our business have grown considerably over the past few years, so it made sense to have separate firms that could serve the individual needs of their clientele. That leaves 360Biz free to focus on private sector clients.

Welcome to 360Biz. We look forward to serving you in the months and years to come.