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5 Ways Your B2B Business Needs to Use Facebook in 2020

February 3rd 2020 | by Sara Lopes

While LinkedIn is usually the recommended choice for B2B social media advertising, do not ignore Facebook’s potential to help you grow your business. Especially since as of 2019, over 90 million small businesses are using Facebook. These businesses have owners and managers that need personal accounts to run their company pages. You can target these accounts with Facebook advertising.

If you’re looking for new ways to generate leads and achieve your business goals for 2020, here are five reasons why you should include Facebook in your next marketing strategy:

Boost Your Rank in Google

Facebook pages are indexed in Google and other search engines just like your website. Wouldn’t you rather have your Facebook business page display in search results rather than your competitors?

Even if you don’t actively update your company’s Facebook page every day, having all of the basic information about your business available is valuable for current and potential clients. Your Facebook business page can point visitors in the right direction for contact information, website URLs, the benefits of working with your business, and how you can help them.

Think of your Facebook company page as a digital phonebook, giving your page visitors basic information to help them connect with you. Initial setup for this kind of information is rather simple, straightforward, and doesn’t take longer than an hour.

Drive Visitors to Your Website

At a very basic level, Facebook is a great strategy to try and drive both paid and organic users to your website. While some social media platforms like Instagram aren’t quite optimized to easily point users to a company website, almost every aspect of your Facebook business page can be used to drive traffic to your site.

Individual posts (both paid and organic), picture captions, your company description, notes, events…all of these features and more can be used to drive traffic to your website. You can even create a promotional banner for your cover photo and include a call-to-action link in the caption, encouraging visitors to click on your cover photo and then visit your website.

Cost-Effective Targeted Advertising

Cost is a huge advantage for using Facebook advertising . It’s much cheaper than LinkedIn. In fact, Hootsuite reported that the average price for an ad on Facebook decreased 4% in 2019, while the number of ad impressions increased to 33%. This means that Facebook advertisers are reaching more people for less money, which is a valuable feature when considering your marketing budget.

According to Adstage, The average cost per click (CPC) rate for LinkedIn advertising in 2019 was $3.99, while Facebook’s was only $0.63. While this may not seem like a big difference at first, the cost adds up significantly when comparing the amount of impressions you can receive per platform with the same budget.

Let’s say you reach 1,000 people, and 50 people click your ad. On LinkedIn, those clicks would cost you $199.50, while the same ad results on Facebook would only cost you $31.50. With the right targeting strategy, your Facebook ads can be just as effective as LinkedIn, at a much lower cost.

Network With Facebook Groups

Last year, Facebook unveiled a major overhaul to Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups aren’t as commonly used for B2B marketing strategies, but they offer an incredible opportunity for businesses, especially since 1.4 billion people use them, according to Hootsuite.

Facebook Groups allow users to join, connect, and communicate with people that have similar interests. There’s a group for almost everything, whether location-based (Southern California, Las Vegas, etc.), interest based (video games, animals, movies, etc.), goal-oriented (currently applying to grad school, searching for jobs, etc.), or other criteria., There’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and find potential clients within these groups.

The types of groups you join depend on your industry and target client. Approach joining and interacting with these groups and its members with a business mindset: Where would you expect to find your ideal client spending his or her time?

As a B2B company, you can join groups filled with business owners in your target industry. Once you join, you can provide helpful information and insight to your target clients, and warm them up to becoming a potential lead. This approach is going to be more of a slow burn, but gives you the opportunity to build relationships with potential clients, get to know their needs and pain points, and offer the best possible solutions for their situations when the time is right.

Harness the Power of Facebook Messenger

Did you know Facebook Messenger has an AI chatbot feature that can help your company page interact with your page visitors when you’re offline?

You can easily set up FAQs, automated away messages, basic business information, and point your page visitors toward specific product or service pages. With the power of Facebook Messenger’s chatbot, you can provide simple customer service to current and potential clients automatically. Once the visitor needs more details or specific help, you can jump in and answer their questions personally.

AI settings for Facebook messenger are already available with every company page. Simply go to your Settings page, and then select Messaging on the left. Here you can select to show a greeting when people view your page, set up automated responses, and much more.

If you’re interested in using Facebook in your B2B marketing strategy this year but are unsure how to get started, contact us.