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More Leads – Without More Website Traffic

September 23rd 2019 | by David Hofstede

If your B2B company runs on leads, then you know how valuable they are and how costly they can be to acquire.

But at the risk of sounding like a late-night infomercial, what would you say if we told you there are strategies that can attract more and better leads to your website – and they don’t rely on increased traffic or spending money?

If your response is, “You’re full of sh—“ - well, first, watch your language. And second, we think our new whitepaper can change your mind.

Written by 360Civic CEO Ron Zayas, Increasing Leads Through Your Website Without Increasing Traffic or Costs is intended for web masters, marketers and web developers who design, create or manage websites that generate leads. The whitepaper outlines common situations and advanced strategies marketers can employ to grow their lead flows and increase sales.

Whatever the size or type of your business, discover helpful guidance on such topics as:

  • The three most important factors that impact conversion rates
  • Why your website is still your most effective destination for the leads you generate, despite the ascension of social media platforms
  • How to increase the quality and quantity of your existing traffic
  • How to fix a leaky sales funnel

We Know What You’re Thinking

Why would a marketing company that gets paid for helping businesses get more leads reveal some of their most effective strategies?

First – and don’t take this personally – it’s because even when companies have this information, they rarely act on it. They either don’t have the time, or they don’t have the personnel who can make the necessary changes to their website that are essential to achieving the goal. So we expect a lot of calls saying, “You guys already know what needs to be done – we’d like to hire you to do it.”

But there’s another reason – in the never-ending quest for leads, the only constant is change. Had we created this whitepaper two years ago, or even last year, some of the contents would be different to reflect what previously worked best with lead generation factors such as search engine optimization. We hope this whitepaper helps to position our company as one that keeps up with current and future tactics and techniques that deliver consistent results.

Maximizing the success and sales impact of websites is our business. It’s all we do. And if what we does works for you, we’re confident that when strategy adjustments become necessary, you’ll trust us to make them.

Download our new whitepaper

Security is an essential facet of every service 360Biz provides. We realize that companies are eager to move their website projects forward as quickly and efficiently as possible. But security must always be an integral component of that effort, which is why it will be part of our initial discussion and everything we do moving forward. It is not an add-on; it’s how we do business.

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