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Website Content: Out With the Old…

July 25th 2019 | by David Hofstede

A website can become like a broom closet – a lot of different team throw in a lot of stuff without much organization, along with items that may have served a purpose at one time, but have been useless for years.


That was the experience we had with one recent client. The company recognized that redesigning and modernizing the look of its site was also a good opportunity to take a fresh look at the content, and where it could be updated. What they didn’t realize was how much clutter had collected on many of their pages, making it more difficult for visitors to find the information they needed.


Our goal is to be proactive in these situations – that means going above and beyond to review the pages that the client identified as needing the most adjustments.


One page about a product line began this way:
“In 2012, we unveiled the newest version of…” (redacted).

We caught that. They were surprised they didn’t.

We also found paragraphs of relevant information that turned up on the ‘Contact Us’ page, when they would have more effective on the ‘About Us’ page. We found products of one category listed under products of a different type. And we found products no longer available that still had a ‘click to purchase’ button next to them.

The 360 Approach

When we are hired for a website project, our first responsibility is to develop a new design while simultaneously reviewing content. Then we make certain the revised text complements the new design, so the page looks inviting and uncluttered.


We flag anything that looks out of place, as well as any dated references that should have been deleted a long time ago. That way, once we get to the content migration phase, we know that nothing gets transferred that doesn’t belong on the site, or isn’t appearing on the wrong page.


Obviously, the time you revamp your site is also the most logical time to clean out your online broom closet. But if you’re still happy with the design and functionality and don’t need a new website, why not take a fresh look at the content and make sure it is still well organized and up-to-date?


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