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Restaurants: Don’t Risk An ADA Lawsuit

October 23rd 2019 | by David Hofstede

Running a restaurant is tough enough without having to deal with being sued. But whether you know it or not, your risk just increased, thanks to the Supreme Court and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

You know about ADA already – it’s why you may have had to replace part of a curb with a ramp outside your building, changed the width of your doors and added handicapped parking spaces. It was the right thing to do.

But now you also need to consider whether the accessibility you added to your building also extends to your website.

Why? Because a blind man sued Domino’s Pizza when he couldn’t access the choices on their website to order the pizza he wanted. The courts ruled that Title III of the ADA applies to a business's website or mobile apps, and the Supreme Court allowed the man’s lawsuit to move forward.

This is as it should be. Just as everyone should be welcome in your restaurant, every customer should also be welcome on your restaurant’s website.

However, Domino’s warned that the decision was going to open the floodgates for similar suits, and restaurants are prime targets.

Could someone with blindness or low vision, limited movement or other disabilities place a to-go or delivery order from your site? Can they access all your menu options? Does the site offer descriptions of the photos of your dishes?

If not, you might be sued – either by a customer with a legitimate issue, or someone looking for an easy way to make a quick buck. Either way, that’s time and money you can’t afford.

Take ADA Action Now

If you know or even suspect that your website is out of compliance, get it fixed. Now.

With 360’s ADA Review and Repair program, we’ll go through every page, photo, link, video and written word on your site, not just to satisfy minimum standards but to create content that is truly usable for everyone.

Don’t put this off. Domino’s is about to take a big financial hit. You don’t want to be next.

Contact us about our ADA Review and Repair Program

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