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Five Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Hosting Provider

June 10th 2019 | by David Hofstede

How much thought did you give to the company that hosts your website? It’s an important decision, because your hosting provider can either help or prevent your site from achieving its full potential.


If it’s time to make a change, or if you are not happy with your current hosting company, here are five questions to ask potential providers that will help you make the right decision for your site and your business.


1. What will this cost?

We doubt anyone neglects to inquire about price – indeed, cost is often the most important factor in making a selection, especially for smaller businesses. You’re paying to get your site up and keep it up, but you’re also paying for service and support – and that’s where the size of the investment usually varies. Make sure you are getting the most for your monthly fee – and that it takes into account such costs as domain name renewal, software license renewals and (with a dedicated server) bandwidth and hardware.

2. Do you provide an uptime guarantee?

Any hosting service with a reliable networking infrastructure should be able to offer a guaranteed level of service.

3. Will your services grow with my business?

What you website needs today may not be what it will require next year, or in five years. Since changing hosts can be a challenge, it’s better to select one that can accommodate any upgrades you may need as your company expands. Perhaps one day you’ll need your own dedicated server. Can your host provide it?

4. What kind of support do you provide?

Even with the best companies, technical glitches and other issues are unavoidable. That’s when it helps to have technical support available by phone or email, day or night, so you can be apprised of the situation and when it will be fixed. Every minute your site is down is a minute that you may be losing money.

5. How do you protect my website?

And by protecting your website, that also means protecting your customers. Ask about backups and server maintenance and an SSL certificate. Find out how backups are handled, and what other security measures are in place. As ransomware attacks are a growing threat, ask the provider what measures they have taken to prevent security breaches.


Or, Just Ask Us

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