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Video Boosts Your Business – Even When Your Doors Are Closed
360 Videos Can Help Make It Happen

May 11th 2020 | by Ron Zayas

Coronavirus has separated companies from customers and prospects, and that makes it tough to do business. Videos provide a way to communicate with your customers when you can’t do it in person.

The stats on how popular videos are when added to a website have been out for a long time. Visitors to your site will watch them. They will be clicked on in your social media feeds. And they will likely get more attention, and generate more response, than long pages of written content.

But while just having video used to be a quality to separate one website from another, it seems like everyone has hopped on that bandwagon by now – so gaining a competitive edge will rely upon the quality and creativity of the videos you upload.

That’s why we’ve launched Team 360 Videos, a website that focuses exclusively on the unique, innovative, jaw-dropping videos and animation

we have created for clients of all sizes and types.

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Form follows function here – so the elements that comprise your videos should be dictated by what you want that video to accomplish.

Explainer Videos

These are great for visually demonstrating how your product or service works. They can be live-action, with you or someone else doing the demonstration, or animated, as a way to get inside your product by virtually dissecting it into its components. No matter how complex your product is, a video can make it easy to understand. When you can’t meet in person with your customers to provide these demos, a video can do it for you.

Brand Videos

These are great tools used to separate your brand from your competitors. They are especially popular with startup companies looking to establish a foothold in a new market. Why should someone switch from a current brand to a new one? Video can communicate that message.

Social Media

Short videos can help you build a channel on YouTube, and add a popular element to your Facebook page and other social media platforms.

From live-action promotions to photo-realistic 3D animations, we can help you create a video that fits what you need for your business. And once this current COVID crisis is over and business gets back to normal, these videos will continue to bring in new clients and prospects.

Check out our 360 video website