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"Why do Your Websites Cost More?"

January 30th 2020 | by Ron Zayas

That’s a question we hear from some of the companies that approach 360Biz to create a website. Usually, it’s from those that are just starting a new business, or have launched a company with a basic site and are now ready to build something better.

It’s not that our prices are out of line – it’s that they’re not comparable to the companies that advertise during the Super Bowl that offer to build your website for a couple of hundred bucks.

We’re not going to trash those sites – in fact, for some mom & pop stores they might be sufficient for handling email orders and providing basic information about the company and its products/services.

But for larger companies, or companies hoping to grow and claim more market share from established competitors, something beyond the basics is needed. That’s what we provide. Here’s why it is worth more.

1. How It Looks

We’ll provide a custom design that matches the look, feel and personality of your business. And we’ll make sure that design translates well to mobile devices. Unlike the basic sites that work off similar templates, your site will stand out from your competitors.

2. What It Says

Sure, you know the benefits of your products or services better than anyone. But it still takes a professional writer to communicate that information, as well as your company story, in a way that appeals to visitors. We also know how to lay out and organize that content in a way that will both boost your search engine optimization ranking, and also comply with all ADA requirements.

3. What It Does

Calendars, videos, animation, 3D graphics, intuitive touchscreen navigation and functionality – these are elements that don’t come with a standard website package. Keep in mind also that websites rarely remain static for very long (or at least they shouldn’t). Adding new pages, promoting new products, uploading new blogs or testimonials – odds are you’ll be making changes all the time.

If your site is set up on a platform by 360Biz, and you receive the training you’ll need from us to make changes (and ongoing training and support after that) updating your site will be simple. You won’t have to call the company that set it up every time you wish to add a page, or pay extra for any updates. We’re always here to help. Those other companies? Not so much.

4. How All of Those Elements Work Together

A website should not be assembled with a checklist of separate components. At 360Biz we understand how design, content and programming are crafted to work together, so there’s no making adjustments in content to fit a pre-packaged template. Our content management systems provide a foundation for our designers to bring content, photos, graphics, logos and other elements together, while also enhancing the efforts of our SEO and security teams. Its experts collaborating with experts, often side-by-side, to deliver a product that surpasses expectations.

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