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The Write Stuff


The Write Stuff

October 2020 | by David Hofstede

Lead generation is an ongoing challenge at many businesses, one that has only been complicated by the challenges of a pandemic.

With many of your most reliable paths to lead generation in flux, what can you do until business gets back to normal?

Here’s a thought: Start writing.

Chances are part of your pitch to prospects is your knowledge and experience in creating the types of products or services you offer. That same message can be communicated through blogs, articles, webinars, and whitepapers posted to your website.

The objective here is not “this is why we’re great.” It’s to provide information that can help your clients and prospects be more successful in their business efforts, and to acclimate them to thinking about your company as a reliable source of beneficial industry-related content.

If you’re a restaurateur, post an opinion piece on how eateries can adjust to the realities of COVID; if you manufacture clothing, offer your thoughts on the presidential election, and each candidates’ views on trade with countries where you do business; if you own a technology firm, share your thoughts on what’s next on the horizon, or weigh in on the Google vs. the U.S. Government lawsuit.

No matter what type of business you own, there are bound to be topics that are prevalent now in the minds of your target audience, and on which you have an informed view. Share them, and keep updating your page regularly. Also, make sure these pieces are posted on your social media channels, where they may be shared and reach hundreds or thousands of readers.

No Time? We Can Help

If you don’t have time to devote to this, or you don’t possess the writing ability to express your ideas in a way that readers will appreciate, we can help.

We have writers on staff with experience as journalists, published authors, and top bloggers. They can take a rough draft of an idea from you, or a few bullet points, and turn them into finished pieces that add credibility and views to website.

Care to try us for free? Give us a writing assignment – something you’d like to add as a blog to your website or a short (300 word) article. We’ll write it for you at no cost, and you can use it whether you become a client or not.

Contact us for this opportunity