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Case Studies

Building and Monitoring a Trusted Brand Online

A Fortune 100 multinational corporation has become one of the most trusted providers of a variety of consumer products. With offices around the world from which new products are constantly being introduced and marketed, there was a need to create a coordinated effort to promote these products online, and engage with customers beyond the standard online marketing and publicity channels.

Social networking and video sharing websites offered an opportunity to introduce products to customers, create user communities and increase marketing efforts across multiple sites. However, these types of sites are also open to feedback that could be damaging if not engaged and refuted in a professional manner. A corporate-wide strategy was required for managing the company brand online.

The company contacted 360Biz. Our task was to help the company integrate new promotions into its social networking space, monitor brand-related activity across multiple sites, and create user communities that would drive usage.


The features of the solution delivered included:

  • Developing television commercials to run on web channels and targeted online media, including YouTube
  • Coordinating this campaign with other promotional sites and social networking efforts, including those on Twitter, to cross-feed promotion and maximize online marketing opportunities
  • The creation of a brand protection process, that included reviewing and understanding all of the postings, videos, reviews, blogs and listings about the company that are posted each day, and responding to those that require attention in a timely manner


  • Thousands of new committed supporters
  • A 30% increase in YouTube hits
  • A 10% increase in regional sales