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Case Studies

Building Long-Term Client Partnerships

Marketing is not a venture with a start and a finish, like opening a new location or introducing a new product. It’s an ongoing process that must adapt with each business and each industry, so it is always well positioned to promote new ventures (such as that new location or new product).

It works best with a true partnership between a company and a marketing firm that knows that business and its challenges, and can provide solutions to help the company achieve its goals.

Such has been the relationship between 360Biz and one top supplier of industrial magnet products.

The company initially utilized 360Biz to remake its main website, and the site for one of its sister companies. Since then, for more than ten years, we have worked alongside its executive team through company acquisitions, product line changes and the emergence of social media as a powerful marketing opportunity.



The features of the solutions we have delivered include:

  • Design and content creation for the company’s multiple websites
  • Blogs, whitepapers and other collateral positioning the company as an authority in the magnet and magnetic assemblies industry
  • Social media platform launching



Among the most notable results:

  • Visits to the company’s website have tripled from the time before 360 was hired
  • Search engine visits increased from 2,225 per month to more than 10,000 per month
  • The bounce rate has been cut in half
  • Visits to the one of its sister sites are up more than 180%
  • Search engine visits to that same site have more than doubled