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Electronics Industry

The Industries We Serve: Semiconductor Packaging and Electronic Assembly

Many of the most innovative products and technologies are being developed by small to medium size companies.

These firms have the expertise and know-how to compete with larger firms in technology, but they often times don’t have the time or the resources to devote to marketing efforts. Consistent branding, high-quality graphics and even writing technical papers takes time and effort that would best be spent developing the next new technology or product. Outsourcing your marketing to a company with Electronics experts can significantly improve sales while helping focus resources on what matters.

360Biz: Experts in Semiconductor Packaging and Electronics Assembly

With 360Biz you can outsource your technical writing, press releases, and content creation to experts that understand the industry. No need to explain what an IC package is or why a proper reflow profile can significantly reduce production defects.

Our services include high-end 3D graphics, creative services, web design, web maintenance, technical writing, press releases, training materials, videos, content creation and tradeshow services for the electronics industry.

Our all-in-one approach brings all of these elements (and more) together so you’ll have everything you need to address your marketing and technology needs.

Our graphics and web designers work with our technical writers; our security team works with our web development professionals; our experts in social media, videos and tradeshow services coordinate with our website team. When that teamwork approach is in place from the outset, it assures that every aspect of your website and marketing outreach are delivering a consistent message.

Learn more about exactly how we can help serve your team:

We Know Your Business. We Speak Your Language

The 360Biz team includes personnel with over 30 years in the electronics industry, with experience in production automation equipment, manufacturing, adhesives and materials, assembly and production.

You won’t have to explain your business to us – we’ll work with you from day one to create solutions that address your specific needs, and streamline communications between your distributors, resellers, manufacturing reps and outside salespeople.

Everything you need from one experienced source. Discover the 360Biz difference.