A website host should provide steadfast security, reliability and support. That’s what 360Biz delivers.

360Biz offers security-hardened CMS hosting with a secure, Tier 1 infrastructure, with equipment managed by 360 personnel.

The content on your site is always protected, because it is stored on multiple servers and databases. Should one server go down, or if your site experiences a significant spike in traffic, the user experience will not be affected. Daily backup, weekly backup and restore service, as well as monitoring and onsite support, is also part of our complete management of hosting services.

How You Benefit From 360 “All in One” Teamwork

When security and hosting are handled by separate providers, there is no assurance that both are working toward a common goal. And if a security issue occurs, the blame game begins.

360Biz provides a unified effort to both security and hosting: our experts work together to protect your content with a ‘safety first’ approach.

Of course hosting, like security, should not be an after-the-fact consideration. A 360Biz website accounts for hosting considerations during the design and programming stages. That means all images are compressed properly, and all page content is optimized correctly the first time. As a result, the site loads quickly – an important factor in SEO and the user experience.

Support is available 24/7, and most of the time we’ll detect any issues before you do. But if you need to reach us, someone will always be there.