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Our team members work together toward a common objective – the creation of a website that achieves your business goals.

Ron brings decades of expertise in marketing, advertising and ecommerce strategies to 360Biz. There is not one aspect of any client project that is not enhanced through his experience, insight, and laser focus on surpassing expectations.

Prior to 360, he spent 10 years as the senior vice president and chief marketing officer for the world’s largest franchisor of printing and small business services, where he oversaw the development of the company’s national advertising campaigns, marketing implementation and industry-leading websites and ecommerce infrastructure. His ability to utilize leading-edge technology to accomplish solid marketing objectives now serves the small business and Fortune 500 clients of 360.

In addition to SEO Exposed, Ron is also the author of Beyond Search Engine Optimization: Bringing Profits to Your Website (with Bridget DiRico), Optimize Your Results, Not Just Your Website (with William Tanner) and Catching the Dollar: A Small Business Marketing Bible.

Doug Dixon specializes in consulting and implementing successful marketing programs that utilize the latest in marketing technology. As an electronics veteran, Dixon has worked in the industry for over 30 years for companies like Henkel, Universal Instruments, Camelot Systems and Raytheon. His industry experience includes a broad skill set that includes engineering, field service, applications, product management and marketing communications.

At Henkel Dixon’s role was centered on strategic communications initiatives that significantly raised the company’s profile within the global electronics market. During that tenure he also championed multiple service initiatives on behalf of the company that made a positive impact on local communities. These include Think Together, a California-based organization dedicated to encouraging children to stay in school.

Bridget’s expertise in public relations, marketing and project management have been serving 360’s clients since the company was launched.

Today, our former CEO is focused on serving our public sector clientele at our sister company, 360Civic. Her leadership has helped that firm secure major website projects with the Superior Court of San Bernardino, Huntsville City Schools, and the cities of San Diego and Santa Ana.

Bridget is also an author and radio personality, whose works provide a funny and entertaining perspective on how real people manage everyday life.

From website content to press releases, blogs to whitepapers, If something has to be written, David writes it or approves it before it goes to our clients.

He understands that good writing has a purpose – to provide information on a product or service, or to influence a buying decision. He approaches every project for a 360Biz client with a focus on achieving a specific objective through the persuasive power of the written word.

David was already a regular contributor to newspapers and national magazines before he earned his B.A. in Journalism. He taught writing at the college level, and has written 17 books on a range of entertainment, sports, travel and pop culture topics.

Robert transforms client input into sophisticated and user-friendly desktop and mobile websites. He is experienced in UI/UX front-end functionality, as well as search engine optimization and online advertising.

His contributions to 360 client projects include online marketing collateral and videos. He also brings his graphic design experience to print projects such as company logos, brochures and business cards.

Prior to joining 360, Robert founded his own digital media company. In his spare time he enjoys nature hikes and raising his two dogs.

An accomplished senior level database programmer, Marc brings a wealth of experience in PHP and server issues, as well as with development and website hosting to meet the needs of our clients.

Marc oversees our hosting capabilities, maintaining our servers and making sure that any changes or updates to our IT systems are tested, approved and completed according to 360Biz standards.

His combined creative and technical skills have informed a wide range of B2B and B2C solutions in website and web application development, database design and secure hosting.

A graduate of the prestigious California State Polytechnic University, Marc previously served as Lead Web Developer for a leading California retailer, where he developed an ecommerce system that fueled a 59% increase in annual sales.

From accounts payable to accounts receivable, Jennifer assures 360’s monetary resources are flowing in all the right directions.

Jennifer brings a vast experience to the accounting team with her many years as an accounting, HR, and payroll manager. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from DeVry University with a BA in Technical Management/Accounting, as well as finished school with Distinction from Keller Business School with a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management/Forensic Accounting.

When she’s not at working paying bills and looking for money, she’s at home paying bills and looking for money. Jennifer’s free time is usually spent as far away from a computer as possible, enjoying reading, watching TV and cheering on her favorite hockey teams.

An award winning director, animator and 3D artist, Rodrigo creates stunning 2D and 3D animation and graphics that bring color, movement and eye-catching appeal to client websites.

After earning his B.A in Graphic Design, Rodrigo spent more than 17 years creating, directing, and producing animated TV series, feature films, commercials, and educational and corporate videos.

He also volunteers with nonprofit organizations, creating videos for organizations such as “Drop in the Bucket,” which builds wells and sanitation systems at schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

People think of project management as numbers and datelines and charts; for Carlos project management means the best and only way to provide customer service to our clients. He oversees our company’s project management system, where every client project is assigned, scheduled, updated as it progresses, and closed upon completion and client satisfaction.

By applying this oversight throughout the scope of a project, he can provide each client with an up-to-date status at any time.

Carlos brings his project management experience from the education industry where he worked for several years. When he is not at 360 or spending time with his family, he teaches Spanish to adults. He enjoys that experience because he gets to know some very interesting people.

Whether your company focuses on email marketing, social media, or an all-inclusive online strategy, Sara ensures your lead generation efforts provide solutions to help your company grow. She also oversees training for 360 clients on how to make the most of their new website.

Sara graduated from California State University, Fullerton, earning a B.A. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She has written for various sites as a freelance contributor on a wide range of topics including health and wellness, career advice, marketing, and Disney.

Sara’s passion for online marketing expands outside of 360: she runs a personal development blog for millennials, and has published two books.

Nicole leads the graphics team in designing digital and printed marketing collateral from concept to completion, including such materials as literature, trade show graphics, video and animation, 3D graphics, photography, email marketing, and web graphics.

In addition to planning and organizing graphics projects, she coordinates with the client and the designer by translating the needs of the client into artistic direction. Nicole guides every step of the project and can work on a design directly as needed. Before any project goes out the door, her eagle eyes search through every detail to ensure everything is correct, aesthetically pleasing, and achieves its purpose.

After showing an affinity for the arts from a young age, Nicole earned her B.A. in Studio Art with a minor in Animation and Digital Art. In her spare time, Nicole can be found reading, listening to live music, or shooting at the local archery range. She also dabbles in costume design; one of her creations was featured in Entertainment Weekly.

As Project Coordinator, Lonna fosters an environment of teamwork and maintains morale by providing day-to-day communication with the project team to ensure jobs remain on schedule and within budget.

Lonna has a background in planning events and coordinating quarterly boardbooks for investment trusts board meetings. She utilizes her organizational and coordination skills to achieve project goals.

She earned her bachelors degree from University of California, Irvine in Psychology with a minor in Management. In her free time, you can find her in the gym or at a park enjoying the sunny California weather.

Soren transforms website designs and client ideas into custom themes that are beautiful, responsive, and resilient. He also builds custom modules to address specific functionality requests and solve unique challenges.

Prior to working in web development, Soren spent several years working in higher education, doing leadership development, conflict mediation, and program training. His background shapes a people-centered approach to development, focusing on building sites and tools to be intuitive and easily customizable for administrators, editors, and content creators.

When Soren is not working, you might find him hiking the hills of Orange County, visiting a local Happy Hour with his wife, checking out a new book at the library, watching through Parks and Recreation for the 10th time, or playing one of his many board games.

Amy works closely with our Project Manager and QC group to assure the delivery of satisfactory solutions to our clients. Her skill sets include work in WordPress, PHP, DRUPAL 8, MySQL and HTML. She also works on PSDs created by web designers and converts them into desired templates.

Prior to joining 360, Amy worked as a freelance web developer for education institutions. In addition to coding at work, she frequently attends tech meet-ups and hackathons to discover and apply new technologies. When she’s not coding, she is a shameless bookworm who loves trying new coffeehouses, as well as volunteering at bike-related festivals and outdoor events.

William works closely with web designers and developers in the configuration of content management systems to ensure the best experience possible when making updates to a client’s website.

From setting up content moderation and email notifications to building webforms, William makes sure websites are delivering the functionality that visitors expect. He is also available to clients for phone support on any issues.

Before working at 360, William was a freelance web designer doing work for several nonprofit organizations in the Southern California region. How much does William love this stuff? In his spare time he enjoys studying new trends in technology.

Emilee facilitates our clients’ migration to all major CMS platforms. In addition, she oversees 360’s team effort to provide whatever additional resources are needed to help our clients succeed. Emilee understands the importance of providing solutions based on the individual needs of each client, rather than advocating one solution for every project.

From the beginning of a client engagement (interviewing stakeholders, editing pages for consistency and developing content) to implementing and maintaining the selected system, she keeps each project on track and is always available to provide support for our customers.

When she’s not in the office, you might catch her singing off-key as she cruises the California terrain in her beloved Jeep Cherokee.

A site isn't complete once it goes live. Aaron ensures that each site is secure and functioning at optimal efficiency 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from day one to year three of it's existence.

Aaron watches over sites from start to finish, securely managing server, network, and database changes as swiftly as possible. He also regularly contributes to Open Source projects that help clients achieve their business objectives.

When away from the computer, Aaron enjoys riding bikes and reading – though not at the same time.

Eva manages various graphic projects, including brochures and catalogues, layout designs, HTML work, management of 3D graphics, tradeshow graphics and the occasional illustration.

With her B.F.A. in Graphic Design and her minor in Art History and Marketing Management, Eva is able to efficiently manage and produce a wide range of projects for 360 clients. She is proficient in Spanish and English.

Eva explores her artistic passions outside work by creating costumes and building props, as well as reading and illustrating.

Justin manages and designs a multitude of different creative projects. From video production to graphics for tradeshows, he has the design skills to meet any marketing challenge.

A Southern California native, Justin is currently working toward a BFA in Graphic Design at Cal State Fullerton. His outside work portfolio includes special event videos, logo design and illustration.

When he's not busy designing Justin enjoys traveling, indoor rock climbing, and attending music festivals.

David works closely with designers and clients to ensure tasks and deadlines are met for graphics projects. His sharp organization and communication skills allow him to obtain input from clients and connect with his team with ease.

David graduated from University of California, Riverside with a BS in Business Management, and began his career at 360 as a Sales Associate.

Brian is our go-to guy for all things trade shows. He plans, facilitates and executes trade show activity from beginning to end. Brian works closely with graphics teams on the creative components to ensure every show he works meets its full marketing potential. Additionally, he confirms that press releases, email marketing and other promotional efforts are appropriately executed, and that presentations and conference speakers are well prepared.

Brian has a B.S. degree in E-Business from California Polytechnic University, Pomona. That plus his experience as an online retailer helps contribute to his success and ability to manage all of a trade show’s moving parts. Outside of working, Brian loves basketball, hiking, visiting museums, and working on hands-on DIY home improvement projects.

Fabian works closely with designers and clients to ensure tasks and deadlines are met for graphics projects. His sharp organization and communication skills allow him to obtain input from clients and ensure projects are completed with ease.

He earned his BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Chicano/a Studies from Cal State Fullerton. In his free time, he designs and collects enamel pins, and shoots with his various vintage film cameras.

Colby brings a wide array of design experience to our graphics team at 360. Assisting with 2D and 3D graphics projects, Colby ensures that your vision for your brand is brought to life with product illustrations, brochures and catalogues, trade show graphics, and more.

With a B.F.A in Graphic Design from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, Colby’s previous experience includes designing for retail and small start-up companies. When he’s not working for 360, he freelance designs motion graphics content for small businesses, and enjoys experiencing the great outdoors.

Office Manager, HR Administrator & Employee Wellness Advocate

Though her chief ambition is to heal the planet, Debbie currently busies herself supporting 360 in a variety of healthful ways. Debbie has a vision for excellence and is enthusiastic about creating a work environment at 360 that is infused with wellness and integrity. She is committed to the development of company policies and employee benefit programs that expand with the company as it ramps up for significant anticipated growth.

Prior to joining 360 Debbie owned and operated a thriving yoga studio for 7 years. And if being a small business owner and yogini weren't enough, Debbie holds an MBA from SUNY Binghamton, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah and has assembled an impressive resume that includes product design at Hewlett Packard and software systems analysis at IBM.

A perfect day for Debbie would include a morning meditation, a drive around town with Jack Johnson playing on the stereo, and a stop at Kentro's Greek Kitchen for some horiatiki salad and saganaki .