The 360Biz programming team creates dynamic websites that generate leads and returning visitors.

The best websites are those that don’t remain static. New content is added and old content is changed when necessary, so that all the information available is always up to date. It’s a sign of a company that didn’t just put up a site and forget about it.

Programming is the website component that allows for such easy changes.

We understand that most business people do not have an IT background, so even thinking about programming is intimidating.

That’s why we use the content management systems Drupal and WordPress for our clients’ sites. They’re user-friendly when it comes to content changes (adding pages, photos, calendar entries, blogs, videos) while also offering efficient functionality and reliable security.

Drupal accommodates the needs of companies of any size, with department access and moderation and approval workflows, while making sure that users can only work in the areas where they should be allowed, and that their access is removed if or when they seek other employment. Drupal’s login security module restricts unauthorized access attempts. The platform’s log viewer will track any failed login attempts, which can be an indication of an attempted breach.

How You Benefit From 360 “All in One” Teamwork

Our preferred content management systems provide a foundation for our designers to bring content, photos, graphics, logos and other elements together into a visually appealing and instinctively functional website, whether viewed on a desktop or mobile device.

These platforms also enhance the efforts of our SEO and security teams: Clean code, powerful modules and modern web publishing make Drupal a very SEO Friendly CMS. Plus, our CMS platforms are known for their rock solid security, dependability and security patches and updates. These built-in features make it easier for our security team to safeguard client sites from online code exploits.