Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines can drive a significant amount of traffic to your website, including as many as 50% of new visitors.

What is SEO? If you want to be cynical, it is Google getting you to do their job by organizing your site to their standards. For the less cynical, it is a way to attract more traffic by organizing your site in a way that delivers substantial content to people looking for what you provide.

Designing your website to appear near the top of specific searches takes more than adding keywords. The 360Biz SEO team will customize a comprehensive strategy for your website that incorporates specific keywords, meta tags, links, promotions and cross links.

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How You Benefit From 360 “All in One” Teamwork

The 360Biz SEO strategy involves website design, keyword-rich content, a sound social media approach and gaining backlinks and referring sites.

How search engines will assess your website is a consideration that informs everything that follows in our strategy: How are the headlines and subheads placed? Will one word choice boost the site’s ranking with people searching for your product or service? Is there a logical flow from one page to the next? Are the images and videos on your site enhancing SEO?

When these questions are considered on day one, there is a consistency in the appearance, programming and content of the finished site that will be well received by all major search engines.