Video Portfolio

Our team at 360Biz consists of award-winning animators and editors to help create stunning videos to promote your business. View some of our past work below.

Henkel Underfill Overview

Henkel asked 360Biz to create a 3D animation to showcase their expertise as a leading supplier of underfills.

360 Demo Reel

A combination of all of the past video work our team at 360 has created for our clients. Our work includes 3D animations, live action promotions, online tutorials, and much more for clients in the manufacturing, electronics, and software industries.

Kobot Slim Series Robot Vacuum

Live action promotion to highlight the benefits of the Kobot robot vacuum.

Helping the Helpers Nonprofit Websites Overview

An overview of the program 360Civic provides to create websites for nonprofits, created as a 2D animation.

Techcon New Product Introduction

Techcon unveiled its new jet valve dispensing system with a beautiful 3D animation to showcase the new product’s unique features and capabilities.

Henkel Electronics Overview

A descriptive overview of the electronics division at Henkel. A combination of 2D and 3D animations help provide details about Henkel Electronics.

Online Training Tutorial Example

An example of one of our online training and walkthrough videos.