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White Papers

From ADA compliance to ransomware protection, our whitepapers provide in-depth analysis and solutions to optimize your website. Any of our whitepapers may be downloaded for free

Videos: How They Increase Sales, Boost Leads and Optimize Training

Why companies use videos for marketing and training, and how to create effective videos on a reasonable budget.

Increasing Leads Through Your Website

For B2B companies focused on generating leads, these key strategies can significantly increase both the quantity and quality of leads from your website.

Ransomware and Corporate Websites

Learn about ransomware's current threat private sector companies, and how to avoid the most severe repercussions of an attack. Use this white paper as a security strategy and primer to help understand the issues and possibilities inherent in implementing a ransomware prevention program.

The GDPR Revolution

Learn more about GDPR regulations and how they impact companies both within and outside the European Union

ADA For Private Sector Websites

ADA compliance is generally regarded as a box on a checklist in the design and creation of many websites. But is that enough to satisfy the requirements of the law?

Hiring, Training, and Managing Effective Salespeople

Real-world tested techniques for executives who have found it difficult to hire and support successful salespeople.