Startups must compete for market share with companies that have been in business for years, while lacking the resources of their competition. Finding partners, investors and qualified key employees is critical to a successful launch.

Whether you're at the very beginning of an exciting new venture, or you've already developed a business plan but are uncertain about taking that next step toward approaching venture capital, 360 BC Group can help.


Know Your Market

How many companies have been waiting for your idea? 360 will research your market, competitors and opportunities to help you understand how to price your service or product and give you the information you need to complete your business plan or funding objectives.

We’ll help refine your idea, develop cost and ROI models and deliver a complete business and marketing plan, along with the technology to bring your idea to life.


Funding and Venture Capital Assistance

How will you finance your new business? We can put together a plan designed to help your idea receive funding through venture capitalists, angel investors or traditional financing. We'll even make the presentation with you.

Get great ideas and the latest trends in marketing and technology.

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